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Hospital Bed

Hospital Beds

A hospital bed is a crucial piece of medical furniture designed for patient comfort and care.

Examination Tables

A hospital examination table is essential medical furniture for patient assessments.

Bedside Locker

A bedside locker is a compact storage unit in hospitals for medical supplies.

Hospital Trolleys

Hospital trolleys are mobile equipment used for transporting medical supplies, instruments, and patients.

Hospital Foot Steps

Hospital footstools are small, sturdy steps used to assist patients and medical staff in reaching higher surfaces.

Over Bed Table

Over Bed Tables

Hospital overbed tables are adjustable surfaces that provide a convenient platform for patients to eat, work, or read.

Basin Stand

A hospital basin stand is a portable and adjustable medical equipment designed for holding basins and other supplies.

Bed Side Screen

A hospital bedside screen is a partition-like medical accessory used to provide privacy and separation between patients.

Waiting Chairs

A waiting chair is a seating solution designed for public spaces, such as healthcare facilities.


Walkers are mobility aids designed to assist individuals with stability and support while walking.


Wheelchairs are essential mobility devices used in healthcare settings to move independently and comfortably.

IV Stands

IV stands are medical equipment used to hold intravenous bags, ensuring a stable and adjustable support system.

Hydraulic Tables

Hydraulic tables are adjustable medical equipment designed for various healthcare applications, utilizing hydraulic mechanism.

Cautery Machines

Cautery machines are medical instruments used in healthcare settings to perform surgical procedures.

Para Monitors

Para monitors, short for "paramonitoring systems," are critical medical devices used in healthcare settings.


An autoclave is a medical device used for sterilizing equipment and instruments in healthcare settings.


Hospital cabinets are storage units designed for healthcare settings, providing secure and organized storage.

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