Autoclave in Tinomed Healthcare Private Limited is intended for broadly useful sterilization jobs at dental facilities, nursing homes, clinics, and so on. The standard models of these frameworks are accessible from 5 to 20 liters of limits. Not with standing standard models, we likewise offer customized compact autoclaves at exceptionally genuine cost.
These autoclave cookers are outfitted with security gadgets that safeguard administrators and tests from over-pressure, over-current, and other misusing conditions. It utilizes steam to sanitize clinical gear, careful dressings, glass, utensils, and so on quickly and productively. Made of uncompromising consistent aluminum sheet. Our offered autoclave cookers are durable. The cover is outfitted with both a well-being valve and a steam discharge valve. A strain check permits exact tension following and security.

SC0037: Vertical High Pressure Regular Double Drum Autoclave

Standard Features
  • Overall dimension is 410m Dia X 610m Height (16" Dia X 24" Height).
  • Jacket and outer cover complete made up of stainless steel 304 quality.

SC0040: Fully Automatic Vertical Autoclave

Standard Features
  • Fully automatic vertical autoclave is used for the laboratory and hospital application.
  • Chamber volume is 200 litre.
  • Mount type is floor mounted autoclave.
  • Temperature range is 125 degree celcius.