Tinomed Healthcare Pvt, Ltd

SC0017: Stainless Steel Hydraulic Surgical OT Table

Standard Features:
  • Material type is stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel hydraulic surgical OT table is used for the OT surgical procedure.
  • Modal name is general surgery table.

SC0019: CARM Compatible Hydraulic Table

Standard Features:
  • Type of surgery is Ophthalmic.
  • Maximum patient loading capacity is 150kg.
  • Surgery - Major surgery.
  • Some features of the carm compatible hydraulic table is titing, height adjustable and rotating.
  • Suitable for the general surgery, vascular surgery, cardiac surgery, neurology surgery, urology surgery and gynecology.

SC0021: Blue and Metallic Silver Electric Delivery Table

Standard Features:
  • Overall Dimension is 2000(L) X 685(W) X 762(H) mm.
  • Blue and metallic silver electric delivery table is used for the hospital application.
  • Color is Blue and metallic silver.