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You should prevent jaundice by observing and noting the symptoms and time of the symptoms in your newborn. With this step you take, you can treat your baby with a Phototherapy Machine in {location} and protect him or her from getting this disease. Jaundice, or hyperbilirubinemia, is the excess secretion and stagnation of a chemical named bilirubin. Although, with correct technique and correct treatment in {location}, hyperbilirubinemia is not a threat to the newborn.

Phototherapy Machine Manufacturers in Maharashtra

Tinomed Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is the leading brand in the medical industry. We provide devices and machinery that assist professionals in performing effective diagnosis and treatment. Due to the reliability of our device used for phototherapy, we are known to be the best Phototherapy Machine Manufacturer in {location}. For proper parenting, you should learn to observe jaundice; it is the most prevalent disease in toddlers in your [location].

Phototherapy Equipment Suppliers in India

Phototherapy is needed mostly in treating infants, and jaundice happens because of excess bilirubin, which is formed when red blood cells break down. Babies, due to their physical vulnerability, do not get rid of the bilirubin, which leads to the disease and a the need for a PT machine. As the chief Phototherapy Equipment Supplier in [location], we take care of the medical requirements of this device.

Due to their efficient function, our PT machines are demanded across the nation. Moreover, we export our products as the leading Phototherapy Equipment Importer in {location}.