PET CT Scan Machines

Siemens Biograph 2 PET CT Scan Machine

The Siemens Biograph 2 PET/CT scan machine is designed for hybrid modality integration. It combines a 128-slice CT scanner with a whole-body lutetium oxyorthosilicate PET system. The PET component has 8 detector rings and 19 detector electronics assembly units. The machine has a 78-cm bore and a table capacity of 227 kg. The Biograph 2 has a time-of-flight (TOF) performance of 214 picoseconds.

Siemens Biograph 6 PET CT Scan Machine

The Siemens Biograph 6 PET/CT scanner is a compact, low-weight, 6-slice scanner. It's designed for whole-body oncology, neurology, and cardiology exams. The scanner allows doctors to evaluate blood flow to the heart and determine the effects of a heart attack.

Siemens Biograph 16 PET CT Scan Machine

The Siemens Biograph 16 is a whole-body PET/CT scanner that's ideal for oncological imaging and diagnosis. It's a 16-slice scanner with a compact footprint and low system weight. It can produce 16 slices per rotation, with a thickness of. 6-10mm, at a speed of 0.42 seconds.