Mammography Machines

Siemens Mammomat Nova 3000 Mammography

The Siemens Mammomat 3000 Nova is an analog mammography system that combines screening and diagnostics in one unit. It can integrate with a variety of CR readers. The system uses x-rays to produce images and supports compression of the breast.

GE Senography 700T Mammography

The GE Senography 700T is a film-screen mammography system that uses a Gabbay mammography tube to improve breast imaging. It has three exposure modes and a high-frequency X-ray generator that delivers constant voltage. The Senographe 700T is compact and has a hand switch.

GE Senography 800T Mammography

The GE Senography 800T is a mammography machine that can perform high-quality screening and diagnostic exams. It uses different projections and magnification factors. The machine has a Gabbay x-ray and a patented vanadium-enriched molybdenum track to stabilize x-ray output.

GE USG Voluson 730 pro Mammography

The GE Voluson 730 Pro is a mammography system. The Voluson 730 is available in two versions: the Voluson 730 Pro and the Voluson 730 Expert. The Voluson 730 Pro is the simpler version, while the Voluson 730 Expert has a touchscreen for navigation. It has applications for: OBGYN, 3D/4D, general imaging, small parts.