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GE Optima MR450w 1.5T GEM

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  • Model Name GE Optima MR450w 1.5T GEM
  • Model Optima MR450w 1.5T GEM
  • No. Of Slices N/A
  • Brand GE
  • Condition Refurbished
  • Warranty 1 Year
Products Description

Complete and fully functional according to OEM standard, ARC, 3D ASL, Asset, Blood Flow and Volume Measurements, Bloodsupp, BRAVO, BREAST2, Breast Single Voxel Spectroscopy, BrainStat AIF, Cine, CINE IR, Cosmic, Cube T2, 3D Dual Echo, Delayed Enhancement, DW EPI, E3DTOF, Enhanced DWI, Echo Planar Imaging, Fastcine, Fast Gradient Echo, FGRE Time Course, Fiesta 2D, 2D Fat Sat Fiesta, Fiesta 3D, 3D Fat Sat FIESTA, FIESTA-c, FLAIR3D, FLAIR EPI, Flow Analysis, 3DFRFSE, Fast Spin Echo and FLAIR, FSE_XL, Fluoro-triggered MRA, Time of Flight, Modality Worklist, IDEAL,iDrive, iDRIVE Pro, Inhance Deltaflow, Inhance 2D Inflow, Inhance 3D Velocity, Inhance 3D Inflow IR, Lava, LAVA-DE, LAVA-XV, 2D MERGE, 3DMERGE, multi-echo fgre, Multi-Phase (variable delays), Phase Contrast Vascular Imaging, Performed Procedure Step, PROBE “d Brain, Probe 2000 Upgarde, ProbePRESS, PROPELLER, DW PROPELLER, T1 Flair PROPELLER, T2 PROPELLER, T2 Flair PROPELLER, Probe 3D Prostate, QuickSTEP, Ready Brain, iDrive Pro Plus, Smart Prep, SPECIAL, SSFSE, SSFSE MRCP, T2Star Weighted Angiography, T2MAP, Diffusion Tensor, Three Plane Localizer, FiberTrak, TRICKS, VIBRANT-DE, IP Protection, IDEAL IQ, eXtreme Performance Gradient, Phase Imaging Technique, MAVRIC SL, Body Navigator, Black Blood SSFSE, Prospective Motion Correction, PS MDE, Silent MR, Focus, Silent Propeller, DW Prep, DISCO, Chemical Shift, MDE Plus, Cube DIR, Auto Navigator Tracker, Hyperband Synthetic DWI, Flex, Hypersense, HyperCube, Integrated Registration, Ready View, Ready View Body View, Ready View Brain View, Volume Viewer API

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