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Philips Ingenia 3T

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  • Model Name Philips Ingenia 3T
  • Model Ingenia 3T
  • No. Of Slices N/A
  • Brand Philips
  • Condition Refurbished
  • Warranty 1 Year
Products Description

Complete and fully functional according to OEM standard : dS Head 32ch, dS Anterior, dS T/R Knee 16ch, dS Breast 16ch, dS Base, dS Head , dS HeadNeck, dStream Interface, dS Flex S, dS Flex S, dS FootAnkle 8ch, dS Wrist 8ch, dS SmallExtr 8ch, dS Shoulder 8ch, HP Z420 - Model 459800539941, Windows 10 - 1607

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