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GE Discovery 710

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  • Model Name GE Discovery 710
  • Model Discovery 710
  • No. Of Slices N/A
  • Brand GE
  • Condition Refurbished
  • Warranty 1 Year
Products Description

Complete and fully functional according to OEM standard, Connect Pro VolumeViewer SmartScore Pro Exam Split Rad_Rx ASIR AxialShuttle CopyComposer Direct-MPR PET Diagnostic CT PET Base PET Cardiac Review PET 3D Iterative Recon Sub-0.4-Second-Scan 0_4Speed Patient-64-slice 100kVA AutoFilter-and-Transfer 3000 Image Series AutomA Direct-3D Smart Prep Smart Speed Data Export Dynamic 2-axis Tracking NeuroFilter EKG Viewer ACQC NoiseReductionFilter PET Cardiac Shift PET Q.AC PET Cardiac PET List Mode PET Dynanic Review WideView SharpIR TOF MotionFreeApps AcceleratedRecon PET Q.Static PET Q.Freeze VolumeViewerPet PowerUpgradePackage PET Regularized Recon Ultra Kernel High Pitch Helical - 1.53 Organ Dose Modulation Image Check Dynamic Transition HelicalShuttle

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