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Siemens Espree 1.5T

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  • Model Name Siemens Espree 1.5T
  • Model Espree 1.5T
  • No. Of Slices N/A
  • Brand Siemens
  • Condition Refurbished
  • Warranty 1 Year
Products Description

Complete and fully functional according to OEM standard, MR_DIS3D, MRI_ARGUS_4DVF, MR_Suppoert_i, MR_breast_MV, MR_BreastBiopsy_MV, N11BoldImaging, N11Spectrocopy, CAP3D_FILTER_MIP, CAP3D_FILTER_SSD, CAP3D_VOIMODE, CAP3D_MAIN, GET_WORKLIST, N11AdvCardiac, MRI_ARGUS_MAIN, MRI_ARGUS_VF_ANALYSIS, N_RoW, N11FlowQuant, N_SpecCsi, MR_ARGUS_FLOW_ANALYSIS. MR_AdvNeuroPerfEval_Pro, MR_AdvNeuroPerfEval, MR_SpecPostProc, MR_BoldEva_MAIN, MR_3D_FMRI_BASE, MPPS_SUPPORT, MR_COMPOSING_SPINE, N_Diffusion, N_Perfusion, Tim_8, Tim_18, N-TimApplication, N_MatrixMode, N11Adv3D, Z_Gradients, DZ_Gradients, N_InlineComposing, N_DiffusionTensorOffline, N_DiffusionTensorimaging, MR_3D_DIFFUSION_BASE, N_Stepping, MR_Expert_i, N_InlineDIS3D, N_SWI, N_BLADE, MRI_ CV_MAIN, N_IClass, N_PhoenixZIP, MR_3D_DIFFUSION_TRACTS, N_Native, MR_STEREOTACTIC_TSE, MR_STEREOTATIC_TSE, N_Espree N_PAT_Advanced, N_AdvFunctNeuro, SYNGO_GENERAL_LICENSE, MRI_CV_MAIN

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