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GE Revolution Evo 128

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  • Model Name GE Revolution Evo 128
  • Model Revolution Evo 128
  • No. Of Slices N/A
  • Brand GE
  • Condition Refurbished
  • Warranty 1 Year
Products Description

Complete and fully functional according to OEM standard, Patient-64-slice, Direct-MPR, Data Export, Smart Prep, AutomA, 3000 Image Series, CopyComposer, Smart Speed, 100kVA, Dynamic Z-Axis Tracking, Liquid-0,35-Routine, Edge Plus Kernel, ASIR-V, Helical-120-sec, Dynamic Transition, Overlapped Recon – Axial, Organ Dose Modulation, Ultra Kernel, High Pitch Helical – 1.53, XtDisplay-OneStopScanning, Image Check, VolumeViewer, CardIQ SnapShot-Cine, SmartScore Pro, EKG Viewer, NoiseReductionFilter, CardIQ SnapShot, SnapShot Assist, SnapShotAssist Temporal Enhance, XtDisplay-ECGWawe, AxialShuttle, DentaScan, HelicalShuttle, Enhanced Xtream

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