Tinomed Healthcare Pvt, Ltd

SC0018: Double Dome Ceiling OT Light

Standard Features:
  • Double dome ceiling OT light is used in operation theater.
  • Power consuming capacity is 150 watt.
  • Product Type 50.

SC0020: LED OT Light Double Dome

Standard Features:
  • The light dome compatible for laminar air flow.
  • Multi-color high performance LEDs with life time more than 40,000 hours.
  • Control panel for light focusing adjustment fixed on the dome.

SC0022: Examination OT Light 19 LED

Standard Features:
  • Examination ot light 19 led colour is white.
  • Shape is round.
  • Metal material is used.
  • Finish type is Glass.

SC0023: Ceiling Single Dome OT Light

Standard Features:
  • Intensity is 2,00,000 Lux.
  • Diameter of light is 565 mm.
  • Spot diameter is 100-150 mm.
  • Number of LED is 105.

SC0028: LED Examination Light

Standard Features:
  • Led examination light colour is multi colour.
  • Material type is others.
  • Power and plug description is corded Electric.