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Mammography Machine

A Mammography Machine in Maharashtra is a low-portion x-ray that permits specialists called radiologists to search for changes in breast tissue.

Mammograms can be utilized to look for breast cancer, either as a screening test in ladies without side effects or in ladies who have side effects that may be from malignant growth.

A mammogram using the machine can frequently find or recognize breast malignant growth early.

when it's little and, surprisingly, before a protuberance can be felt.

Leading Mammography Machine Manufacturers in Maharashtra

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Top 3D Mammography Machine Suppliers in India

We are appreciated as one of the most trusted 3D Mammography Machine Importers in India. Mammograms can frequently show strange regions in the breast.

They can't tell without a doubt if a strange region is a disease, however, they can assist well-being with caring suppliers to choose if serious testing (like a breast biopsy) is required.

The fundamental sorts of bosom changes found with a mammogram are Calcifications, Masses, Deviations, and Mutilations.

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How do Mammograms Function?

Mammograms are done with a Mammography Machine intended to take a gander at breast tissue.

The Mammography Machine takes x-rays at lower portions than the x-rays done to check out at different pieces of the body, similar to the lungs or bones.

The mammogram machine has 2 plates that pack or level the bosom to spread the tissue separated. This gives a superior quality picture and permits less radiation to be utilized We also offer X-Ray Portable Machine.


Product Features

  • Senographe 700T First rotating anode.
  • Utilizes rhodium for enhanced imaging quality.
  • Minimized dose technology.
  • Nearly effortless operation.
  • Rotating 180° lightweight arm.
  • Fully integrated column.
  • Protective screen.
  • Small footprint.
  • Extremely compact.
  • High Frequency X-Ray Generator Delivering Constant Voltage.
  • Exposure Modes – Three Exposure Modes.
  • Automatic Optimization of Parameters. (AOP) - Fully Automatic, AEC – Semi Automatic and manual) offer the Ultimate Flexibility and ease of Use. Compact designee.

Product Specification

Model Name/Number SENOGRAPHE 700T
Source-Detector Distance 65 cm
Weight 350 kg
rotation 180 Degree lightweight arm.
Exposure Modes Three Exposure Modes
Optimization of Parameters Fully Automatic, Semi Automatic and manual


Product Specification

Model Name/Number GE DMR
Application Clinical, Hospital
Vertical Travel 75 to 133 cm
Condition Pre-Owend
Machine Type DMR Mammography Machine