Tinomed Healthcare Pvt, Ltd

SC0029: Computerized Radiography System.(Digital Xray)

Standard Features:
  • Model Name is Dry view laser imager.
  • Cassette Size is 14 X 17 inch.
  • Machine condition is new.

SC0030: Automatic Suction Machine

Standard Features:
  • Operation mode is automatic.
  • Model Number is 7A-23D.
  • Automatic suction machine is used for the Medical application.

SC0031: Syring Pump

Standard Features:
  • Types is Infusion pump, push/pull pump, continous flow.
  • Features is digital, portable, automatic.
  • Product type is therapy equipment is ued

SC0033: Mild Steel Boyles Apparatus Anesthesis Machine

Standard Features:
  • Mild steel material is used.
  • Mild steel boyles apparatus anesthesis machine is used for the hospital and medical application.
  • Positioning is trolley.

SC0034: Infusion Pump

Standard Features:
  • Infusion pump is used for the Hospital application.
  • Weight is 1.8 kg.
  • Display is digital type.
  • Power Consumption is 30 VA.